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I make residential plans for remodel and new construction. Typical plans are ready for permits in about 2 to 3 weeks. Larger homes in the 4,000 to 7,000 SF range require more time and I always urge the client not to rush through the design process. I can calculate headers & most beams as well as wall bracing calculations. On the more complex projects I will work side by side with the engineers & truss designers to ensure the desired outcome is met. With some plans clients will ask for a 3D walkthrough as the plans get closer to being completed. I am able to export the 3D house in a variety of formats for use in other rendering engines. Some of my new construction builders who do pre-sold homes will ask for simple front elevation renders.
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New Construction Plans

Custom home designs that fit your life style without breaking the bank.

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Let us take you on a virtual tour of your custom home before you buy.

remodel plans

Remodels Plans

Creative solutions for your remodel



     Spracklen Drafting and Design was established in 2017.  Drafting is a rewarding career that utilizes many of my strengths.  Creativity and thinking outside the box are lifetime skills that are definitely assets in drafting and design. My enjoyment of problem-solving and natural curiosity have also served me well when creating custom plans suited to each client's desires and budget. 

      When not drafting, I enjoy time outdoors with my family: my wonderful wife and two young girls.  Providing a quality product to a satisfied customer is my highest goal. Let me know when we can meet to start designing your ideal home today!

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Chief Designer at Nyhof Enterprises

-Bryan Nyhof

I have found Richard to be a very kind and very creative designer who is responsive to the needs of the client.  His level of understanding of the software he runs (ArchiCad) is world-class.



Thanks for your intrest! you'll be hearing from us shortly.

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